Music to aid sleep

What music do you like to get you in the right frame of mind for sleep?

I can’t go past a slow 4-4 beat from Bach. I used to live with a guy who not only drank strong coffee just before bed, but also played Led Zeppelin. And he slept like a baby.

What music aids in your sleep journey?



What is it? Read on. It’s easy and it works. And there are a ton of videos on YouTube about it. But I have to say it’s one of the things I use to relax myself so that I’m in the right frame of mind for a reasonable night’s sleep. When I discovered EFT (which is an acronym for Emotional Freedom Technique) it was being taught by a fellow named Gary Craig. Now the gauntlet has been picked up by Nick Ortner and his sister, Jessica. They’ve made a DVD called The Tapping Solution and it is really worth watching . EFT de-stresses you. And it really works. I’m mentioning this now because I’ve just suggested it to a friend for her daughter who is about to sit some high pressure exams.


The right bed

I treated myself to a visit to a bed shop recently. And the young man who served me was very helpful. I got to lie down on a whole lot of mattresses. And the one I thought I would buy if I ever had the money was a Tempur mattress. Oh, they are just lovely. They have memory foam sown into the top of the mattresses, so you literally sink into sleep. So that’s my goal. To get me one of those. Have you got one of those?


My Sleep Adventure

I used to sleep really well. And then I got a thyroid condition, and I remember the doctor looking at me, almost gleefully, saying, ‘You know, one of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism is insomnia.’  I thought, Can’t be that bad…it was. I didn’t have insomnia because I could not sleep. My bladder was keeping me awake. My visits to the bathroom became as much as three times a night.

I tried everything. I figured I just needed to relax.
First, I procured an essential oil burner and burned lavender oil. And for one night it worked  – beautifully. But after that? It was like my body had said, ‘Trying to trick us, eh?’ And from that night on I had no further success  with lavender. But that’s me. Maybe lavender will work, or has worked, for you.

Then I figured, maybe if I just relax I can fall asleep, and my bladder can relax too. So I tried something called progressive muscle relaxation, in which I start at the toes, and slowly and methodically tell each group of muscles to relax. And that did help. It relaxed me to fall asleep and stay asleep till at least 1am. But…nature kept calling.

You know, it wasn’t until the morning, in 2016, when I was being interviewed by an anaesthetist just before my parathyroid operation, that I found out that my elevated calcium levels were probably the culprit in prompting my overnight visits to the bathroom. This is because calcium contacts muscles, and the bladder has a muscle lining the front of it called the detrusor muscle.

But I was to find out that one can have a relatively normal calcium level, and still have a nervous bladder.






Looking for the right sleep mask

I’ve tried a whole heap of them. When I last flew Qantas they gave us freebies but not all masks last. As I said in my last post, a good mask for me has to have a good amount of elastic which takes a long, long time to finally give and go slack. And I think I may have found one. So it will soon be available on for anyone to try, along with a free pair of ear plugs. Anyone like to give their opinion on what makes a good ear plug?


I love my sleep

Ever had insomnia? It sucks. I used to have it bad. Up three times a night to visit the bathroom. That was when I had a thyroid  condition. I’m better now. But now I have to wear a CPAP to bed and if it’s light outside, then also a sleep mask.   Quality is important to me. My CPAP mask had to be one with a very good seal. My sleep mask has to blot out light. Mind you, having said that, I have not yet come across a sleep mask which blots out all light while I am wearing a CPAP, as well. But the most important thing to me about a sleep mask is that the elastic holds, and does not go limp after a lot of washes.